Test Page

Use this page to test out how content will appear.

To start editing this page, scroll down to the bottom and click on the Edit button. This brings you to the Editor. To preview your work, scroll down again and click on the Preview button.

Either you can use the Editor buttons, or code by hand. Here are a few bits of syntax:

  • A + sign at the start of a line creates a "top level" header. Two ++ create a 2nd level header, etc.
  • To refer to another page in this site, you enter its name on a line and surround it with 3 sets of brackets (e.g., Start)
  • You do the same thing for a URL.
  • To embed an image from another website, go to that image's URL, copy it, and then type two left brackets, image {url}, and two right brackets.
  • To embed an image from your computer, first you have to upload it. Do that by scrolling all the way down, click on Files, and you'll be prompted to upload your file. This file is now associated with the page onto which you uploaded it. Then, to put it on the page, click on the "insert image wizard," click on the "attached file" button, and you'll see all the uploaded image files associated with the page. Select the image you want.

To make a block of text (within a colored rectangle), start off the line with a ">" sign.