Certain graduate degree forms can be accessed and submitted through MyESF. All graduate degree program forms specific to EFB can be viewed as Word and PDF documents on the EFB Graduate Forms page.

The Graduate School's Graduate Degree Requirements and Forms page contains detailed descriptions of degree requirements, general policies and procedures, information on doctoral candidacy exams, and thesis and defense instructions. It also includes Word and PDF documents of graduate degree forms for all graduate degrees.

Form 2A designates your major professor and steering committee.
Access: MyESF
Submission Goal: Most students should aim to submit Form 2A by the end of their first semester and prior to their first field season to maximize feedback on their study design. Once you submit the form, you must communicate with your major professor so that he or she can approve the form.

Form 3B details your graduate program of study, including coursework and target deadlines for degree completion.
Although there are no EFB course requirements, your committee members will work with you to outline beneficial courses you should take to fill in knowledge gaps and inform your research.
Access: MyESF
Submission Goal: As soon as possible after choosing your committee members.

A note on switching degree programs:
A student who wishes to switch degree programs (e.g., switching from M.S. to M.P.S. or M.S. to Ph.D.) must petition the department faculty. The petition process includes a new Form 3B. Graduate students should consult with their major professor and the EFB graduate director prior to initiating their degree switch. Any questions can be directed to the Office of Instruction and Graduate Studies in 227 Bray.

Form 4 revises your existing program of study.
Access: EFB Graduate Forms links to a general form for all graduate degree programs within EFB.
Submission Goal: Only complete this form if you wish to change the Program of Study you submitted in Form 3B.

Form 5B requests appointment of a committee for your thesis/dissertation defense.
Access: EFB Graduate Forms links to a general form for all graduate degree programs within EFB.
Submission Goal: This semester's deadlines for Form 5B can be found on the Graduate School's Academic Deadlines page.

Form 6B appoints the committee for your doctoral candidacy examination.
Access: EFB Graduate Forms links to a general form for Ph.D students within EFB.
Submission Goal: The doctoral candidacy examination is taken when the majority of coursework is completed and no more than three years from the first date of matriculation. This examination must be taken at least one year prior to the dissertation defense. Form 6B should be submitted according to the same Academic Deadlines for defense exams.

Diploma Form is required for final completion of your degree requirements.
Access: ESF has a page of graduation information for graduate students that contains links to a general form for all graduate degrees.
Submission Goal: The semester's deadlines for the Diploma Form are found on the same page of graduation information as the form links. Aim to submit the form by about 2-3 weeks prior to commencement.