Where We Live

Graduate students reside in a variety of areas in the greater Syracuse region. The most popular areas tend to be in the neighborhood surrounding SUNY ESF and SU, approximately within a two mile radius of the schools. Here, large houses (either entire or duplex) are rented. Apartment complexes are few and far between. Syracuse University offers minimal housing on South campus, 2 miles away from main campus. If you are willing to commute, adjacent towns such as Dewitt, Fayetteville, Manlius, Liverpool, Fairmount, and Camilus offer quieter settings.

A few words from fellow graduate students when asked "Where are good places to live? How about places I may consider avoiding?":

"The area enclosed by Westcott St., E. Genesee St., Fellows Ave., Meadowbrook Dr., and Broad St. seems pretty graduate student friendly. Also, south of Euclid Ave. down to Broad St. is a neighborhood with many students. As for areas to avoid, I would say being right on Euclid with all the undergrads, and be cautious about living too close to Thorden Park as it can be a trouble area at night."

"Avoid anything west of I-81 because it is generally a rough area. I can't say all too much about other areas, but I do like where I am over by Manley Field House and Drumlins."

"Areas near south campus are nice and quiet."

"When I was looking at ESF, a friend suggested that I not go north of Genesee (or on Genesee for that matter) because it gets sketchy, not to go east of Meadowbrook as it gets far away. I would add to that to try to live on one of the sidestreets off of Euclid (between Ostrom and Westmoreland), but not Euclid itself because it gets loud with undergrad parties. The Westcott area is very nice and reasonably priced. I would recommend living with other graduate students."

"Places owned by Spiro Mihou- Great landlord! Super helpful, attentive, friendly, and caring for his tenants."

"Places to avoid- streets close to the university. Any street between Lancaster and SU is probably a bad idea if you are looking for any quiet peaceful living."

Housing postings:
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The Daily Orange SU newspaper, classifieds section
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Craigslist Syracuse Craigslist… if practicing common sense, good things can be found on this!
SU Housing

National Grid- for those of you who want power and heat.
Time Warner Cable - TV, Internet, Home phone
Verizon -FIOS internet, no TV for Syracuse yet!